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Madeline's Story

It's hard to understand the human scale of politics, but one Oakland teenager gets straight to the heart of the immigration issue in this piece we collaborated on with KQED.

John Beaver mini-doc

Todd recently finished his doc profile of John Beaver, one of the most in-demand club DJs in the SF Bay Area, who also spends his days tending to endangered animals as a zookeeper. A performer with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism, John is an inspiring, transformational figure both in and outside the music world. Take a look:

   On location at  Happy Hollow Park & Zoo


On location at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo


What can we say?!? We're absolutely THRILLED to have received an Emmy for Bret's piece GO OR NO GO about the Space Shuttles Challenger, Columbia, and the nature of calamity. Thank you team Retro Report and The New York Times for creating a space for us to explore the deep legacies of events like these. And thanks to Diane Vaughan, whose research on organizational dysfunction was so ahead of its time. And most respect to the engineers and astronauts at NASA who bravely endeavor to solve problems that most of us have yet to even fathom. 

Bret Emmy.jpg

The Shadow of Waco

Remember the raid on David Koresh and the Branch Davidian compound? We sure do. But the shadow cast by that tragedy extended much further than we realized. Check it out in Bret's latest edit for Retro Repot and the New York Times. 

Crisis in Yemen

If you've been following the unrest in Yemen, check out Bret's latest edit for The New York Times. They sent Mona El-Nagger to Sana for the first installment of the "Times: Dispatched" series.